About Mecintell

MECINTELL involved in unbound field of technology to provide easiest solutions to our society by creating technological advancement and efficient implementation. Mecintell is all about the technology for Automatic tasks, efficient work and effortless output.

MECINTELL constantly researching in the field of automation and wireless solution introducing latest technologies and control techniques.

MECINTELL work span covers Automated and wireless solution in all the fields including Manufacturing Industries, Process Industries, Commercial Buildings, Consumer Solutions, Transportation, Communication Technologies and many more.

We always look up for robust solution for highly sustainable and reliable outcome. We relinquish prodigious efforts in design phase to make things sustainable. We always perform various failure tests in our facility to confirm the life and working cycle of the product.

Quality Assurance:   By creating the prominent level of perfection and efficiency we owe the ethics of quality and standardization in our designs.

Client Satisfaction:  The sophisticated technology and effective production processes enable us to manufacture our range of products as per our client requirements. Our clients are a part of the whole process so that we allow them to provide suggestions and approvals about our samples sent. We ensure our clients that the ordered consignments are supplied within the promised delivery time.

Companies routinely invest in technology, and too often feel they get routine results. Technology’s promise is not simply to automate processes, but to open routes to new ways of doing business. “we are not just doing something smart around Technology, but we are doing something innovative around how we are connecting with customers.” We must succeed in creating transformation through technology, or we’ll face destruction at the hands of our competitors that do.