Mobile Pump Starter with Missed CALL

Farmers in rural area still face difficulties in water supply due to irregular services of electricity and bore water. Our aim to develop such a device is to make their operation easy and flexible in every situations. The solution was remote operation of Pumps.

User can operate the pump from anywhere with just one Missed Call...

Mobile Pump Starter with IVRS

With IVRS technology now your pump will talk with you and provide all status with prerecorded audio messages. It also send all alert messages on your registered mobile number. Included all protection for pump which increase pump life and prevent from breakdown.

To operate the pump from anywhere, you need to do just one call from your registered mobile number, MPS will pick up your call and talk with you...

Mobile Pump Starter with Water-level

We combine water level controller with mobile starter, which is very use full for building automation and commercial use. This device include all the features of Mecin-MPS with water level controller. One can connect water level float switch with device and it will stop the PUMP on predefined level and send alert to user.

With inbuilt timer user can set time for pump ON/OFF and it will...