GPRS based gateway for monitoring and analyzing your digital and analog sensors inputs on server based application from any place any time.

Very use full and low cost solution for analog sensor monitoring online and controlling (ON/OFF) any machine or device remotely with GPRS. User can analyze...


It best suited for industrial application running with MODBUS (RTU/ASCII) protocol. Modbus based GPRS gateway used for monitoring all MODBUS parameters from anyplace with web based application.

It is widely used for reading energy meter, water meter, drive data monitoring, PLCs and monitoring data from other machines running on MODBUS. Easy to configure...


Mecin Connect has industry standard Modbus TCP/IP interface which makes it compatible with range of SCADA, HMI and PLCs, and also has inbuilt GPRS module. With TCP interface it is easy to hook up your SCADA or PLS system with internet and save all your data on secure server.

One can also monitor current status of running system. It saves time to continue monitoring system manually and gives...