• Mecintell

    Place where technologies,
    meets creativity

    » Industrial product development

    » Remote DATA monitoring and logging

    » GSM/GPRS/wireless connectivity...

    » Integrated software design

    » Proven quality and reliability

    » Best in class support

    Unit solution at single place

  • Get alert from your machine before big damage
    Notify you for maintenance and prevention
    Alert for abnormal event or error in your system
  • Monitor your automation systems, production line,
    machine and other data from anywhere live
    Analyze and track your system data
    online with easy UI
  • Measure your solar performance with
    intuitive and customizable data analysis
    Receive scheduled reports,download data any
  • ON/OFF pump with single missed Call
    Include all pump's protection
    Simple control with high end technology

Why Choose Mecintell?

There are so many reasons you should choose Mecintell that it is hard to list them all!

Robust hardware design
Backed by in-depth domain expertise and skilled professionals, we are able to cater the diverse requirements of clients with quality product.
Product Customization
With wide variety of data logging and sensing, we provide customized features and interface
Support and Training
Customer satisfaction is a main aim of Mecintell, our experienced technical team is always read for onsite or online support for installation, Operating and troubleshooting.
Low cost solution
In house R&D and design team, Mecintell can provide low cost solution for your requirement.
One Stop Solution
Mecintell provide Hardware design + software interface + automation controller kind of total solution under one roof.
We love nothing more than working on a great project with a fantastic client. We care about our clients and can often be found working out of hours to get everything ‘just right’!